Fencing Wallington

Fencing in Carshalton and Wallington from Barry Bone

Fencing in Carshalton

Fencing is another hard landscaping service that Barry Bone Paving can provide on behalf of customers Fencing in Carshalton, Wallington and all surrounding parts of the Surrey area. We deliver a complete supply and installation service that includes the erection of fence posts and gates. Our fencing is perfect for all domestic and commercial applications. A correctly installed fence improves security around your property, enhances your privacy and ultimately increases its market value.

One of the most important aspects of a fencing installation is the type of fencing you choose. Barry Bone Paving design all installations around your personal requirements and we take all important factors into account, such as maintaining natural sunlight, keeping your property accessible and providing sufficient boundaries to contain family pets or deter unwelcome intruders. Fencing design is included as a standard service feature and we invite all potential clients in the fencing in Wallington and Carshalton areas to contact us today for an initial site survey and a free written quotation.

Barry Bone Paving give customers an option of concrete or timber posts. While concrete posts are obviously more resilient, we understand that some customers prefer the aesthetic qualities of timber. To prevent the inserted section of timber posts rotting from undersoil moisture, we use modern saver sleeves to protect them from damp ground conditions. Very few fencing companies in Carshalton and Wallington pay these levels of attention to their workmanship. Our customers are always given the opportunity to choose their own fencing and we can supply close-board, lap-panel or trellis fencing based on their individual needs and requirements. Barry Bone Paving can also install security palisade fencing for our many commercial clients in the local Surrey area.

A professional fencing installation should be able to withstand harsh weather conditions and high winds for many years and at Barry Bone Paving, we have complete confidence in the strength of our work. We personally guarantee our workmanship and if a fencing installation in Carshalton or Wallington sustains damage once we’ve completed a job, we’ll return to your property and repair it without charge. We also undertake fencing repairs on all existing structures throughout the Surrey area.

Fencing in Carshalton